Yoga for Bone Health




Yoga for Bone Health is a practice for improving skeletal integrity, posture and balance.



Yoga for Bone Health is a targeted practice developed by Dr. Loren Fishman, MD. for maintaining a healthy skeleton, strengthening posture and improving balance. This unique set of 12 poses was practiced by individuals with Osteoporosis in a specialized study. Upon completion, data showed that consistent practice reversed the effects of osteoporosis/osteopenia in the spine and hips. Dr. Fishman's research was featured in the New York Times, drawing public awareness to potential application of yoga to bone conditions. To date, Dr. Fishman continues to train yoga instructors in his specialized method, as well as study additional postures and conduct long term studies.



Students are taught Dr. Fishman’s Yoga for Bone Health method, so that they can begin to establish a consistent home practice. 

  • Strengthen Spine/Hips: Specific attention is given to the spine and hips, as these are fracture risk areas

  • Increase Range of Motion: Yoga postures are broken down, so that students can work on gaining strength, flexibility, and balance to improve proprioception

  • Improve Circulation: Simple breath work is incorporated to teach proper hold times and calm the nervous system

  • Explore Relevant Concepts:

    • Osteoclast vs. osteoblast process

    • Healthy aging process

    • Bone/Joint/Muscle relationship

    • Linking breath to movement

    • Isometric cotraction

    • Bone reaction to stress

    • Fundamentals of good posture

    • Contra-indications for osteoporotic skeleton


Instructor background

Masha Leuner holds a B.A./M.A. from Brandeis University,  and M.B.A. from NYU Stern School of Business. She was a career driven marketer in New York City area for years. In 2013, Masha became the product manager on a calcium supplement Citracal. This was her first introduction to Bone Health and the importance of  maintaining a strong skeleton. With her talented team, Masha developed and launched a groundbreaking Beauty is Bone Deep campaign, aimed at bringing awareness to bone health. This work was so unique, it was featured on! It was during this time, while conducting market research, that Masha began to gain first hand knowledge of the specific needs of women concerned with bone health. It was then, she ran across the NYT article on Dr. Fishman’s revolutionary work.

A long time yoga practitioner, Masha always harbored a secret hope that someday she would live her practice. In 2015, after the birth of her second child, she decided to make it into reality. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training from New School of Yogic Arts at Coolidge Corner Yoga in Brookline, MA. Since then, Masha has been teaching Vinyasa and Yoga for Bone Health classes in the Boston area. In 2017, she began her advanced studies in Yoga for Osteoporosis with Dr. Fishman and Ellen Saltonstall. Masha is excited to bring this knowledge to the Boston community as one of the first registered Yoga for Osteoporosis teachers in Massachussetts. 

Masha teaches all levels, regardless of ability, age or medical condition. 



YBH Formats


Yoga for Bone Health Series

9/16-11/18 mondays 9:30am @ coolidge yoga brookline

9/20 - 11/15 FRIDAYS 10:45am @ coolidge yoga south end


Yoga for Back & Neck Pain

10/18 - 11/22 Fridays 9am @ Brookline adult education


Private Sessions

flexible times


1297 Beacon St, Brookline 617-879-0869



I have been practicing Yoga for Bone Health for over a year with Masha. I had my bone density analyzed today, and I’m holding steady, if anything a slight improvement, so no medication for now. My endocrinologist, said whatever I’m doing as far as diet and exercise is good, and I should just come back in 2 years. Thank you SO much for teaching me the Fishman method this past year. I thought I was too old and inflexible to do it, but am so happy at all I have learned. I am getting better at doing a home practice.
— Diana, Boston, MA
Masha, I’m lucky to have found such an excellent yoga teacher in you. Our semi- private sessions are exactly what I need to help me develop my ‘yoga for bone health’ practice. Your passion for yoga in general, and specifically for how we can use it to strengthen bones, is evident throughout our 75-minute sessions. I also appreciate your sending out a list of what we covered in class each day. Learning from you has made a huge difference in my practice!
— Martha, Quincy, MA

Our time with Masha flies by. She is a gifted teacher who understands and can explain both the art and the science of yoga. She backs up the class with written instructions and is always open to questions. We feel very fortunate to have found her!
— Betsy, Boston, MA

I’ve been studying Yoga for Bone Health weekly with Masha for twelve weeks and have found her instructions to be organized and clear. Masha is very engaging, accessible and flexible in class tailoring the instructions to where we students are. She sends us PDF images and texts of what we learned each week helping us to stay focused. I, without reservation, recommend Masha and these classes for those wanting to work on bone health.
— Lisa, Cambridge, MA

Having been diagnosed with osteoporosis in my spine in the fall of 2017, I then fractured vertebrae in my lower spine at Christmas time 2017. For the following five months I was in considerable difficulty with pain and lack of mobility. However, the acute pain began to ease after five months, enabling me to visit my family in Boston where, fortuitously, I attended four sessions of Yoga for Bone Health with Masha.

It was a pleasure to meet Masha. Her friendly, positive, practical approach and her patient clear explanation of the Yoga for Bone Health exercises have given me hope for the future. I believe I can regain my fitness and also reduce the impact osteoporosis is having on my life if I follow her detailed instructions and remember why each exercise is so important.

Since I returned home Masha has continued to be in touch with me to offer me support and encouragement which has been invaluable.

A lovely experience for me.
— Marilyn, Scotland UK

Having a yoga practice has always been on my bucket list! I’d join a class, and then, after a few sessions find it too challenging, and quit. After a surprising diagnosis of osteoporosis, I started looking for alternatives to medication.

Some time ago I attended Masha’s Yoga for Bone Health workshop. Of course I found it challenging, but, because of Masha’s knowledge, patience, and support I not only didn’t quit but now have a regular yoga practice!

Masha, in her weekly 75 minute class, taken with one other student, offers her expertise, gentle but firm guidance, and clear and detailed follow-up support. I am grateful for her knowledge, passion and dedication to yoga, bone health and her students. Thoughts of quitting, never!
— Liz, Cambridge, MA

Masha Leuner’s Yoga for Bone Health class is fabulous. Masha is very knowledgeable about yoga
and the structure of bones. She is an excellent yoga teacher: she knows which yoga poses are safe for people with osteoporosis, and she does an excellent job guiding students through the poses. She is also very organized, and the classes build on one another. Masha puts a lot of preparation into her
classes, and even sends handouts to help her students with their home practice. Her class at Brookline Adult Ed, Yoga for Bone Health, was one of the best courses I have ever taken.
— Esther, Brookline, MA

Masha, I really benefit from the way you teach. You are very clear, very concrete, and methodical in the way you set up a yoga pose.

Also, your pace helps me understand what you’re saying and helps me get my body in position within the timeframe that you are working within. I’ve noticed that other instructors move at a much faster pace at times, and I struggle to keep up with their pace.

I am very, very satisfied with the way in which you instruct. I am also super pleased that I found yoga through your yoga for bone health class as a way to improve my balance and flexibility.
— Betsey, Brookline, MA